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Hi Jack, I read your piece written in early 2011, warning individuals to take care regarding emissions on cars they import. Thanks.

I am interested in importing a vehicle from the UK. Provided it meets the the new Euro 4 standard for emissions, my next worry is rust in cars driven on salted roads. The new emissions standards mean I probably can't import a vehicle that is older than around 2004/05 but that means still quite a few years of possible exposure to salt.

I know people come to grief importing older UK cars but is there a high risk with with newer UK cars from around 2004/2005? I am interested in any storys you may have heard from your certifiers.



Used imports have thrown up all sorts of different challengers and surprises for both the importers and the repair industry over the years. Importing from the UK now adds another dimension with body corrosion a definite area to be watchful of.

We have not heard of any late model cars being rejected because of structural issues but we have received feedback indicating signs that under-body corrosion is visible on non structural components.

The golden rule would be to never assume anything and do your checks before shipping any vehicle to NZ.

We also suspect an increase in vehicles fitted with Diesel engines and manual transmissions.


Many thanks Jack!