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Hi there,
We're looking at getting a new family wagon, and like the Mazda 6 shape, preferring the 2.5L model. Our budget is around $20k, though could stretch a little further if required.
There are quite a few around with high km (125km +), generally ex-lease, so have done 40k per year or more.
The Atenza's tend to be slightly cheaper, but often lower km than the NZ new GSX model.
Is there much (or any) difference between the GSX and the Atenza? The only difference I can tell is the centre console being touch screen in the imported model. Is there any benefit to the NZ new model that you're paying a premium for?
My thoughts would be to pay a bit more for an older 08/09 with lower kms, rather than newer with higher kms.
Interested in your thoughts, or also any alternatives you might suggest.


Hi, we would also be really interested in the answer to this question. We're looking for a used family wagon too (our first child is due in July) and have recently test driven a few '08/'09 NZ new Mazda 6's/imported Atenzas. Something of concern we have discovered that wasn't mentioned above, is that the Atenzas only have dual airbags (for front passengers) but the Mazda 6s of the same year have multiple airbags, including side and rear. I've searched extensively online for some mention of this discrepancy but can't find anything. In fact, most websites suggest that the Mazda 6/Atenza are identical in all respects.

Our budget is about the $15K mark so the Atenza wins on that front, but safety is obviously a big concern for us. How important are rear/side airbags and is a top of the line car seat sufficient for baby if the car is a model that doesn't have them? Thanks


These two cars are exactly the same model with a different badge, but spec could vary and it would be preferable to have a car with side and curtain airbags.
In answer to the question re age vs mileage, I'd definitely trade a year or two for lower mileage.
Yes, NZ New is the preference due to a known service history etc, but an import that is in better condition with a lower mileage would trump a high mileage NZ car in poorer condition.
Overall, the Mazda6/Atenza is a very popular model and would be a very good choice.