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I need a high output alternator for my 2006 Mitsubishi Colt (Z23, 1.5Ltr MIVEC FWD Hatchback, 4A91). I have aftermarket car audio installed and its messing with my headlights/electrics, etc. Literally every article or forum post I read the overwhelming advice is to forget a second battery or audio capacitor and get a bigger alternator but I have no idea how to find one that will fit my car, all I know is that it's possible. Unfortunately, most of the auto electricians I have called have no idea either, they keep offering me stock Mitsubishi parts but I want high output, not stock output.

Anyone here that can help?

Thanks in advance for your time.


Hi there,
You might need to browse car wreckers or Pick a Part stores and find the same type of alternator but with a higher output. You should be able to look at the label and see what yours is rated as and decide what you want to replace it with. It might be that a Lancer or Galant has the same part but higher capacity. (will still be 12 volts, but output more amps)