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I seem to have an intermittent fault with the dash on my 2001 Odyssey. It doesn't happen all the time, but about once or twice month I get no display on my dash. It doesn't seem to affect my electrics in any other way (though I have never had the code to allow me to activate the stereo, so I don't know if that is affected).

Sometimes it will last for half an hour, sometimes a few hours. It generally comes back on while I am driving, and sometimes when I am parked I can hear the click of something coming back on and when I turn the ignition everything is fine.

It's a problem I seldom have, but I'd love to know if it's something broken/faulty that will need to be replaced, or just a loose wire that needs a wiggle or a solder.
Is this a known issue with this type of car?


Hi there,
It might be an issue Honda have heard of, but best bet might be to ask an auto electrician as they might be able to check the solder points in the back and find the issue fairly easily.