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When I drive my toyota blade 2007 in Auckland, on highway it suddenly become very slow like someone press the brake while press the accelerator,
the car jerking and lurching and traction control and engine light are on, car very slow like driving on sand dessert, after I pulled over
and wait for 5 min, it back to normal. after several times like this, I brought it to toyota, they run a code check, for 2 days and saying I need to change transmission oil, ok , done, then i still have the same problem. not believe this one, change to another toyota service station, they said spark plugs and engine mount need to be replaced, but I really think those not the real problem, I expect toyota has a vast database can easily pick it up but they can not , any idea?


Hi there,
A Toyota Blade is a Japanese Domestic Import (doesn't come here NZ new) so specs and information for NZ is pretty limited. So if the fault can't be immediately replicated (or a fault code is inconclusive), the workshop has to go through a process of elimination and if there are a lot of potential issues that it could be ie transmission fluid very dirty or transmission fault, worn sparkplugs, blocked fuel filter, faulting airflow meter- all of which have the potential for the vehicle to become sluggish.