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Hi there
I am considering buying a Toyota IST 2008 New shape
I wanted to know if there are any known issues with these cars ?
Does this car have a CVT transmission ? If it has, should it be avoided or it is a reliable CVT ?

How about Hyundai i20 ? is this a reliable car ? any known issues that should be avoided ?!

Thanks so much


Hi the Toyota IST is a Japanese import so we don't really know any specifics, but as per usual Toyota's they can potentially be just as reliable and cheap to run as any other Toyota. Toyota CVT as a whole is not reported to be problematic, so I would see no issue getting one- however servicing is key with any vehicle and is always an unknown risk with imports as to how/if they have been serviced. We've not received any specific reports of unreliability with the Hyundai i20, they seem to be good.