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I own a Toyota Corolla, 1993 model with 172021 kms on the clock. It has served me faithfully since I bought it in 1998. I have been overseas for one year and this car has been left, unused, at the home of my family in Whangarei. My own home is in Nelson and I plan to drive back when this is possible. There are wide ranging opinions within my family about whether this is wise, or even possible. I would be grateful of some unbiased advice about the possible costs and reliability of my faithful workhorse, or whether it would be more cost effective to retire her and get another car? My finances are limited.


Hi there,
Unfortunately there is really no value left in a vehicle this old, so no matter what you spend on it- it may not be worth any more.
These cars are generally reliable and simple to use and maintain. But the safety technology in 93 is very limited compared to a vehicle much newer. So we would advise from a safety point of view to upgrade to the safest your budget allows.