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Hallo there.
I drive a Mazda E 2000 from 2002
Over the past few weeks I have had problems with the car overheating.
The first thing that get changed was water pump and cambelt. For a few days it was ok. The radiator was replaced during the next repair.
after that the car starts overheating again after a week.
This time the fan in front of the radiator has been improved.
I didn't drove the car after the third time i took it to the Garage.
I just notict after a few days that there is still running water out someweher from the coolingsystem.
because there is a big spot under my car.
however, the oil in the engine cover is milky and i am scared that it mabey is the headgasket.
Something like this can also happen if the engine has been running hot over the past few weeks or only due to the mixing of water and oil ?

I dont know what to do anymore i already spent around 2000$ for nothing and its still not working.

Thanks for youre help.


Hi there,
There is a reason a vehicle overheats and it can be caused by a failed cooling system component and can also be from a blown headgasket or (if an issue is undetected) lead to a blown headgasket. In your situation it may be hard to determine which has come first for your vehicle. It could be that the cooling system components were all showing signs of age and required checking and replaced to rule out issue, or the headgasket was on its way but wasn't showing until now. Once an engine is overheated it is compromised and in some circumstances may only be a matter of time before it shows up. Water in the oil will make it go milky white and is generally a sign that the headgasket is compromised- especially if you have had an overheating issue.