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Needing help, purchase our car from a dealership 3 weeks ago, I am planning on taking it back to be checked as it's still under warranty. However I was wanting to know if anyone has any advice or experience with this issue.

On 3 separate occasions my car has stopped with the Istop as per normal (twice going down a hill and stopped for traffic lights on the hill, once on flat ground at a traffic light) when I have gone to take off, foot of brake so the engine should switch on again. The car has fully switched off. I have had to put it in park and start the engine again. Usually after 2 minutes the Istop times out and the engine comes back on by itself. So I'm very confused as to why the engine is dying with Istop.

Any help is welcomed.



Hello this does sound unusual.
istop only will only activate when the vehicle is stationary and shut the vehicle down to save fuel, the vehicle should automatically restart when you go to take off.
It would be a good idea to take back to the dealer to assess, It may well have an issue, from experience most of the problem with istop tend to be battery related when it comes to used imports.