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Which octane petrol should I use in 2006 Toyota Auris? I have owned vehicle for 3 years and up until now used 91. I have been told that I should have been using 95. Last time I filled the tank I put 95 in it. The car seems to being running a lot more quietly after just one day. Initially when I purchased the car, 3 years ago, I went back to the dealer as I felt the car was surging. He advised an additive to clean the injectors and told me that the VVTi engine drives a little differently. Recently I noticed a loud noise coming from the passengers side in the engine bay The noise is only intermittent and seems to happen more while going slow enough (when the engine seems to be struggling) to go around a corner and then when accelerate. It is a low, deep vibrating sound. The idle on the car also has an intermittent miss, nothing major and very intermittently. I am worried that I have used the wrong octane fuel by using 91 for the past three years and that I may have done some damage to the motor in doing so. Which octane petrol should I use in my Auris?


Hi there,
Because this car is an import, there are no fuel specs available. However the Corolla of the same year is listed as using 91 octane fuel.
I wouldn't have thought that damaged would ensue by using 91, but if you notice it running better on 95 you might want to stick with that.
I would recommend having the noise looked into and maybe even have the sparkplugs and coils checked.


On 8 august 2013 in answer to a similar question Donovan states that these engines will run on 91 without problems.