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I have a 2012 mazda CX5. It fully broke down probably 4 times last year and was basically rebuilt. Has done 270,000km or near.
Now particularly with aircon on the engine doesnt feel great. If stopped at a light or intersection with aircon on the engine sort of goes then stops, like bunny hopping but of course my foot is on the brake so it doesnt go anywhere.

Any idea what would cause that? is it a major fix or just standard?
Warrant and deluxe service were done just 2 months ago and nothing was flagged.

This car cost me probably $6k in repairs last year basically rebuilding it piece by piece. I feel like I can't let it go now I've spent so much on it, but equally am I just throwing more good money after bad getting it fixed again?


Hi have you has a flat battery recently? it could be as simple as an idle learn rest that is required, there are reset procedures that you can do yourself you may need to google the procedure for your particular model.
Otherwise have the vehicle diagnosed, as it might not be anything too costly to fix the only way to tell would be to get a diagnosis.

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