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Hi. Our 2001 Nissan X-Trail had a high pressure power steering hose replaced in July-2019. It was done by the local Nissan dealership mechanics ($412+GST parts and labour). The job details on the invoice noted it was a "reconditioned" hose. Yesterday (July-2021) it failed its WOF due to a leaking power steering hose. The vehicle has only travelled 10k in the intervening 2 years.
Question1: Should I have expected a reconditioned hose to last longer than 2 years?
Question2: What consumer type rights do I have to seek some redress with the 2019 service people?
[Note that last year I have changed getting this vehicle serviced at the local Nissan place as they have failed us on a few occasions with other work - I now use the AA Service place].


Hi 10,000km or two years doesn't seem to be durable for a hydraulic hose repair go back to Nissan and ask them to look into the repair.

Any parts that were sold or fitted should be of acceptable quality and fitted with reasonable care and skill.

Its nice to see you have chosen to use the AA.


Thanks for your prompt reply Ian.
I called Nissan for comment - their first question being "which hose?".
As their invoice records do not specify which hose I guess I'll have to wear it. (Unless by inspection it is clear that two of the hoses are original and the leaking one is the replacement - Or the leaking one is identified to be an original, with one other being newer....)
Live and learn.