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Since my garage changed a number of drive belts including the cam belt, I have had nothing but trouble.

The latest is a noise when the motor is cold. After approx 2 minutes it disappears and for the rest of the day no problems.

Could it be the cam belt is not fitted correctly.


From the "Ask Jack" archives - 9 September 2009


It sounds like one of the drive belts is slipping. This is quite common after work such as cam belt replacement has been carried out.

I doubt it would be the cam belt, it is more likely to be either the air-conditioning, alternator or power steering drive belt which is disconnected as part of the job.

Try turning the air-conditioning off and see if the noise goes away as a way of confirming or eliminating that particular belt.

The garage who carried out the cam belt replacement should re adjust the drive belt tension at no cost to you.