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We own two Toyota Hiace vans, one 1999 and the other 2002 and were wondering how often would the following service items need to be inspected / replaced and how much would they generally cost.

Automatic transmission fluid flush, power steering fluid flush, fuel filter replacement, air filter replacement


From the "Ask Jack" archives - 7 September 2009


Power steering fluid: It is not a fluid which needs to be changed on a regular basis. If the steering is working OK then leave it alone.

Fuel filter (petrol): As a general rule the filter is changed every 40,000 - 60,000kms (labour 30 minutes).

Transmission fluid: The fluid would need to be changed approx every 50,000kms. A full flush may not be necessary, it would depend on the transmissions overall performance (labour 1 hour max).

Air filter element: Replace only as required and would depend on the environment the vehicle is being driven in - dusty, unsealed roads would shorten its life. On sealed roads possibly every 25,000kms. Once again inspection required first (labour 15 minutes max).

The above should be used as a guide only. Hard to put a price on the parts or the amount of fluid required.