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Can you advise if universal non genuine outer drive shaft (CV) boots are reliable long term rather than the genuine article.

I know the Universal boots are cheaper to fit.


From the "Ask Jack" archives - 2 September 2009


There are a couple of different universal non genuine boots on the market. One type has the flexibility to be blown up like a balloon and can be fitted with the joint still attached to the driveshaft.

These boots are ideal for a quick job or for a car where repair costs need to be kept down and are used regularly within the industry.

Fitting a genuine boot in most cases requires the joint to be removed from the driveshaft which can be a lot more time consuming. In these cases the joint can be cleaned thoroughly of road grit and repacked with fresh grease which gives the joint the best chance of a long life.

Certainly the way to go for a newer vehicle or one with a high value.

The benefit of a genuine boot is you know it is made for the vehicle and will fit properly. With a non genuine boot sometimes it is compromised in some way and is more a universal, one size fits all, scenario.

They all have their place in the industry depending on the circumstances.