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I bought a 2012 Toyota Avensis station wagon just over 3 years ago. It is a Japanese import, but I bought it privately from an individual. I didn't think to ask and I have been using 91 since I bought it as that is what my previous Toyota Corolla was running on. I recently read an article about a car being damaged using incorrect fuel, I found an English version of the Avensis manual online (since I can't read the Japanese manual in the glove box) which said to use 95 octane or higher. Is someone able to advise whether 91 is ok for this type of car, or whether it should be 95? I have had mixed advice from other people regarding this.


Hi there,
As it is a Japanese Domestic Import there is no information available, and the Avensis comes with a few different engine options which may also affect which fuels they run. So basically Toyota could advise the most accurately which fuel should be used.