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Can you help me to see if I have worked out the difference between operating a diesel and petrol SUV over a year?
The vehicles I am comparing are the 2015 Renault Koleos Diesel 2L and the petrol 2.4 version.
I have taken their fuel consumption rates straight off the website and assumed that I will travelling 14000Km over the year.
I have also assumed one servicing a year - $350.00 for the petrol and $450 for the diesel
The diesel consumption is 7L per 100 Km at 1.70 per litre of diesel and that amounts to $1666, PLUS. one service for the year at $450 PLUS
the RUC for 14000 Km @ $72/1000Km which amounts to $1008 and
I get a total of $3124 for a year.

The petrol consumption is 8.1L per 100Km at $2.20/litre and that amounts to $2495
PLUS. one service for the year at $350
I get a total of $2845 for the year.

This means that the difference between the two vehicles for the year is: $279.00.
Is that correct or am I being over-simplistic?


Hi there,
This is the simple way of calculating fuel and servicing costs and then dividing the yearly total by the number of KM's travelled a year to get the cents per km amount. To be a bit more accurate you could add the cost of insurance and registration per year as they could be a bit different. You may also want to add the price of one tyre in per year as in 4 years you may have gone through one full set of tyres.