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I own a 2005 Hyundai Terracan (Diesel) which is now due for renewal of Motor Vehicle Licence.

The ACC levy is $247.42, in comparison the ACC levy for my sons 2002 Subaru Legacy is only $111.00.

Can you explain why there is such a huge difference in these charges considering that using a diesel vehicle I am paying Road User Charges as well.


From the "Ask Jack" archives - 14 December 2009


The difference in the fees is because all the ACC for diesel vehicles is recovered from the annual registration charge, whereas petrol cars pay ACC both via their registration and through a levy on petrol which isn't charged on diesel.

Petrol has taxes of 52.5 cents/litre (excluding GST), covering various costs including road funding and ACC, whereas Road User Charges for diesels only relates to roading, so the ACC has to be collected another way