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Hi there,
I need some advice. I am looking to import a 1/2 ton 1200cc Datsun/Nissan UTE. They used to be manufactured in Japan till the late 80s and in South Africa which had a 1400cc version and production stopped in 2007/8.
Looking at the NZTA import regulation any vehicle that was manufacture up to 1996 do not need to meet the Frontal impact or emissions regulations. There is also mention if the vehicle is 20 years it does not need to meet those regulations. Which is confusing. The is vehicle was manufacture the same right up to 2008 when production stopped so my questions is would it make a difference if it imported a 1996 model versus a 2008?
I am not to concerned about the emissions regulation as my intention is to is to convert it to Electric once it is shipped to New Zealand. It will also go through some minor modification during the conversion process, which I know I would need to go through the LVVTA certification.
So my question are:
1. would it be better/easier to import the car without the engine, then do the conversion and mods for LVVTA certification?
2. Or do I import an older model as it does not need to meet the emission and frontal impact regulations?
Thank you, I would appreciate any advice.