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My wife recently received a bus lane infringement (turning left from Khyber Pass Rd into Broadway, Newmarket). She got into the left lane too early and so was in the bus lane. There's no argument that she was in the bus lane.
She sent in an explanation, which has been rejected. The explanation was that she was visiting me in a nearby hospital having had major surgery for cancer, and that she was in an unfamiliar part of town, and given our circumstances she was and had been under a lot of stress for several weeks. We didn't provide proof of our situation, but said we would be happy to do so.
I feel this is grossly unfair and I'm pretty angry about it. If this isn't a genuine reason to cancel the fine then what is and why have an appeal process.
I guess I would just like an opinion on whether our argument is valid and if so, what would be our next step in taking it further.
Appreciate any help, thanks.