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Hi, I was reaching on time to school gate to pick my son from takapuna primary school. Looking at school parking, i was slowly moving, i did not find any empty slot, so had to move further and took a complete round and came back thinking, wither my son has arrived or some empty parking will be available, second round also did not find, had to take third and then came back to same gate, this time again slowly moving, searching parking slot, and came near yellow broken line, hardly would have stopped for 5 seconds and then realised and moved on thinking how to stop to pick my son, by that time AT staff has taken photo. Could you please suggest, if i should explain the reason and request for waiving off my fine. I am not sure, how much they will charge for this. But its quite painful, when we do not have parking space and then need to pick up the kids.


Hi there,
Once you receive the infringement notice, there will be instructions on how to write in and dispute the notice. I recommend stating your case and sending it off as soon as you can, so you will still have time to decide what action may be required (if any) after they respond.