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I was dring on a road has three lanes, two straight lanes and one right turn lane. one car was parked on the right turn lane and waiting for the traffic light to turn. I was driving on the left straight lane. When I was changing from the left lane to the middle lane, that car suddenly came out and hit my car. At that time, the straight lane was green light and right turn lane was red light. Who should be responsible for this accident? thanks


In a driving test you would receive a critical error to change lanes within the solid line placement zone of an intersection as it is considered unsafe and you are expected to choose the correct lane for your intended path ahead of this point (scanning ahead).
Beyond that obviously a signal to show the intended lane change (minimum 3 seconds) is mandatory followed by both mirror and blind spot checks to the side of the intended manoeuvre is essential to determine if it is safe to do so before executing the lane change.

In general terms for straight ahead lanes for any lane change the more forward placed vehicle has positional right of way over a vehicle also entering the new (second) lane over a vehicle entering from two lanes over if they are further back.
Lastly a vehicle in a turning lane are expected to be about to execute a turning manoeuvre and would not be expected to move contrary to the marked directional function shown in the road marking.

No lane change should take place in the solid lanes region and all care should be taken if executing a lane change to ensure it is safe but ultimately only a ruling from either an insurance crash investigator could determine a ruling on this.