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My daughter was recently in a minor accident. She was parked on the side of the road and was wanting to pull out and move into the middle of the road to turn into a drive. She indicated to pull out of her park and check ahead and behind and nothing was coming. As she started to move she noticed a vehicle coming towards her at some speed for a suburban road so she stopped to wait for the car to pass as she didnt think she would have time to pull into the drive at the pace the car was going. She still had her indicator on to turn right but had not moved far from her parked position. The car came through in the middle of the road and swiped the right hand corner of my daughters car - dented bumper but no lights damaged. The other car kept driving for a short distance before pulling over. The young girl got out of the car and said she was sorry - she didnt see my daughter. As she had a young friend in the car it appeared she was distracted. Her car had a scrape down the entire side. She is now saying that my daughter turned into her. This is not true as she was able to plainly see the girl driving towards her and was waiting for her to go by so she could make her manoeuvre. My daughter has 2 witnesses who can verify this situation. However, as this happened outside her place of work (a childcare centre) and the witnesses were also employed their, they are not considered "independent" witnesses and not a lot of weight is put on what they have to say. Who is at fault here.



Are you able to please email us further details including a diagram to assess our email address is aatech