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Hi there,

I paid approx $34k for Kia Sorrento 2016 in early September last year and bought via a dealer. In about late January we noticed the air conditioning stopped working and then got the vehicle serviced in early March. The mechanic serviced the vehicle but said they did some basic checks on the AC but they needed to do a thorough check which required more time. We subsequently re-booked and the vehicle was looked at again yesterday. The mechanic has advised that the AC compressor needs replacing with parts labour and warranty the costs coming to about $2.1k. The mechanic has said this is very unusual for a vehicle that has only done 49,000km and asked whether it was still under warranty as they wouldn’t expect this type of repair until the vehicle had at least doubled this current mileage.

What is considered an appropriate amount of time to go back to the dealer and ask for remedy under the consumer guarantees act? We have purchased vehicles from dealers before and never had any issues with repairs to this extent hence the first time query on whether it is reasonable to approach the dealer at this point?

I welcome your advice as it is a big outlay for us to fix.



Hi Rich,
The CGA doesn't give a time-frame but you must give the dealer first right of remedy if you think they should be liable. Remedies are generally discussed case by case, and could involve a dispute tribunal if an agreement is not made. You can find the information here: