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I bought NZ new 2017 Subaru Impreza from a private owner almost 5 months ago. WoF has been failed for corrosion on the front shock under the hood. The last WoF was issued by Winger North Shore (car was regularly serviced by them only) and there was no mention of rust in the last WoF. There is a rubber cap on the mount which does not help and water goes inside which resulted in rust.

My question is, what is the corrosion warranty of subaru? There warranty manual says "For corrosion other than that due to a defect in material or manufacture."

Secondly, Its a manufacturing design problem as I can see a lot of people complain about the same issue. Can Subaru be responsible for the remedy?


Hi there,
You would need to take the matter up with Subaru with regards to a goodwill out of warranty claim. I would think any extended corrosion warranty could be limited to the body structure and may not apply to external components. It would need to be determined how water got past the boot in the capacity to cause such damage- rain, cleaning/waterblast etc because this could also determine liability.