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My Honda Jazz has "City Brake Assist" which seems to recognise you're approaching a stopped vehicle at low speed and puts the brakes on if you don't.
Recently I have been getting failure indications from this.
Does this count as essential safety equipment which must be functional to get a WOF?


Hi there,
The common causes of error in this system is if the windscreen or front of the vehicle is dirty or iced up and the cameras are no longer able to detect. The fault should clear once the vehicle is cleaned or ice melts off.
If there is a brake system warning light illuminated on the dash at the time of inspection you may fail.
This is part of the rule below:
Advanced brake systems
37. The ABS or brake system warning lamp or self-check system, if fitted, indicates a defect in the ABS or brake system (does not apply to brake pad wear warning systems (see Figure 8-1-1 for examples of a brake system warning lamp on group L vehicles). A defect can be identified by either:
the ABS light does not illuminate on ignition power-up (if ABS was originally fitted), or
the ABS light does not turn off after the vehicle has been driven.