Automotive acronyms - what they mean

Don't know your ABS from your EBD? Acronyms are now part of automotive language and they can be really confusing - even for the most dedicated enthusiast. They often refer to a specific system fitted to a vehicle. To add to the confusion some manufacturers call the same system different names!

A complete list of automotive acronyms would be virtually infinite, as with every new model comes new systems and another list of acronyms.  We've compiled a list of the most commonly used acronyms, with a brief description of what each one means. 

If you're buying a new car, there are certain systems you should consider. Things like ABS, ESP, EBD etc are safety related, and many new cars will be fitted with them as standard equipment. Don't take it for granted that a new car will have them though. If they're important to you it's worth asking the question.

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