29 September 2016

Holden Captiva LTZ 2016 Towing Review

It may not be in the heavyweight division, but the Holden Captiva does the trick

Captiva LTZ 1
Holden Captiva 2016
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Holden Captiva 2016
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Holden Captiva 2016
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Holden Captiva 2016

A limited run of Holden’s popular Equipe boasting seven seats sees the popular manufacturer increasing their presence in the ever-growing SUV market, by delivering a raft of features at an affordable price. Perfect for a family of seven, so let’s throw a seven metre boat on the back and see how she goes!

At a glance
Model Holden Captiva LTZ 2016 and 2017D
Engine 2.2 Diesel Turbo
ANCAP Safety Rating 5 Star
Power 135kW at 3800rpm
Transmission 6-Speed Automatic
Fuel Economy 8.1L/100km
Body Style Medium SUV
Towing Capacity Braked 2000kg
Towing Capacity Unbraked 750kg
Gross mass 2484kg

Trundling along the first stretch of road, we found the Captiva incredibly stable and fairly smooth. On our test hill, we put the foot down accelerating from 50 to 80kph reaching 3900rpm at the peak. For a 2.2 Diesel Turbo, the performance was reasonable for a mid-size SUV. When it came to the time for some cornering, we were a little nervous because of the heavy load, but overall the Captiva handled pretty well. Performance with cornering and stability was safe and acceptable.

While cruising along the motorway the vehicle drove well and the trailer tracked true. In top gear it was only pulling about 1600 rpm in 6th, and in 5th gear 2600rpm.

Up front, the 7” multifunction, colour touchscreen clearly displays the information provided by the rear view camera which was particularly handy with the boat at the back and it made hitching a breeze.

It may not be in the heavyweight division, but for a seven seat SUV, the Holden Captiva does the trick.

Thanks to SeaCraft Miller Moyes for the test boat & trailer.

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Rating and scoring

Item towed
Haines Hunter SF600LE 1500kg STD/535 1300KG
Hard braking control
Acceleration control
General comfort
Smoothness of ride
Stability on uneven surfaces
Stability when cornering
Gearbox performance
Overall result
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