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Latest review | 4 December 2019

Honda Jazz 2019 Car Review

Those vehicle aficionados who check out what the major companies unveil at international car shows will have spotted a new...

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30 August 2019

Honda Civic RS Sedan 2019 Car Review

We got our hands on this handsome Honda Civic RS Sedan on the back of an update earlier this year...

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18 May 2018

Honda Odyssey 2018 Car Review

MPVs have long been a niche new-car segment, at best. Just look at the figures: 1256 large cars were bought...

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26 September 2017

Honda Civic Type R 2017

In a time where many manufacturers are focusing on electrification or releasing vehicles to be look seemingly “normal”, Honda have...

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6 September 2017

Honda CR-V 7-Seat 2018 car review

Another 7-seater SUV has arrived on New Zealand shores, and quite an impressive one at that. Featuring a small but...

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23 November 2016

Honda Accord V6 2016 car review

I was pleasantly surprised with the Honda Accord’s ability to actively keep you in your lane. This is usually an...

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1 November 2016

Honda Civic Turbo 2016 car review

When it was launched in 1972, the Civic cemented Honda’s reputation as a global leader in the automotive industry, redefining...

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9 November 2015

Honda HR-V 2015 car review

Nine years in the making, Honda has launched its 2nd generation HR-V, which is designed to combine the elegance and...

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23 March 2015

Honda Odyssey 2015 car review

The Odyssey L's clever seating arrangement allows for the captain’s chairs to slide forward and aft, with each seat having...

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3 September 2014

Honda Jazz 2015 car review

Our pick would be the 1.5 litre engine and CVT transmission. Spec level is up to you, but for our...

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