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Latest review | 7 November 2018

BMW M5 2018 Car Review

At a casual glance the uninitiated might confuse BMW’s sixth-generation M5 with any other big, luxurious sedan.

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5 April 2018

BMW X2 2018 Car Review

No wonder SUVs take up a third of our market, given the term ‘SUV’ now covers such a huge range...

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8 January 2018

BMW X3 xDrive 30i 2018 car review

The third generation X3 has recently arrived sporting a new fresh, sleek and sophisticated design or X-factor if you will....

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4 December 2017

BMW M2 2017 car review

Take one great sounding turbo 6-cylinder engine, wrap it with a striking 2 door body, add huge brakes, performance exhausts,...

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19 May 2017

BMW 5 Series Sedan 2017 car review

Wow, what a vehicle! For those wanting to ride like an MP without the $200k price tag, the 7 Series...

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9 February 2016

BMW 3-Series 2015 car review

The biggest selling BMW has celebrated its 40th birthday in style by adding a range of appearance and content enhancements....

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23 March 2015

BMW i3 2015 car review

The i3 is a joy to drive and the cabin is a particularly pleasant environment in which to travel. It’s...

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12 March 2015

BMW i8 2015 car review

There’s no escaping the visual wow factor, with the i8 turning more heads than just about any other car on...

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9 July 2014

BMW M3 and M4 2014 car review

Now in its fifth generation, we have an M3 four door sedan and an M4 two door coupe. They’re the...

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11 December 2013

BMW X5 2013 new car review

Although it’s now in its third generation it’s instantly recognizable as an X5 and besides the wider kidney grille the...

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