7 February 2011

Mercedes-Benz S63 AMG Coupe 2015 car review

Sleek, elegant, bold, defined lines enveloped in obsidian black paintwork. Cleaned, polished, backed in, and ready for pickup.

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Mercedes Benz S63 AMG Coupe Review

I’ll just quickly run through some of the features he said, an hour later I was on the road. Massage seat on maximum, grinning from ear to ear, in awe of the new S63 AMG Coupe.   

Mercedes call the latest S63 “a technology flagship, a new symbol of modern luxury”. This is evident in every aspect of the Espresso Brown/ Porcelain Nappa leather adorned interior, our test car sported, is like none other. The exhaust note on start-up almost makes you want to stop the car and start it all over again.

World-class entertainment at your fingertips

The infotainment includes every function you can think of and more. To keep technology use at the top level, S63 is equipped with an integrated WLAN hotspot, TV tuner, 3D navigation map display, 10gig memory, SMS/E-mail read and write capabilities. This visual paradise is projected via two 31.2 cm high resolution displays. Multiple control options include the use of a touchpad or Command controller to navigate through the state-of-the-art multimedia and communication content. I found these controls a little confusing to operate at first, so took a while to actually achieve the settings in the menus I required. Thankfully my navigator (wife) could work it out so I could concentrate on the road rapidly passing beneath us.

Planning ahead

Road noise is all but eliminated, just the background rumble of the Bi-Turbo V8 engine, and light swishing of the tyres gliding over the highway. The ride is smooth as silk, aided by the Magic Body Control with the Curve Tilting Function. A camera reads the road ahead and adjusts the suspension to suit each individual corner. Giving a “cambered corner” feeling. Motorway speed is effortlessly reached but hard to maintain, as the S63 makes the limit seem slow. This is where cruise control with the Distronic Plus proximity control with Steer Assist comes into its own. Set the speed, following distance, turn on lane keep, and put your mind at ease. Knowing you are safely in your lane and possible speeding tickets minimised.

Night driving has just become more safe and exciting than before. 
Thanks to the Night view assist plus, optional extra fitted to our test car. A camera working together with two LED infrared headlamps projects objects (people and animals) that might go otherwise unseen, onto a screen display between the gauges. With obstacles highlighted in red, and spotlight function turned on, the driver and pedestrians will well informed.

On a lighter note, the 7-colour ambient lighting inside the car, combined with the Burmester audio infotainment and fully adjustable massage and dynamic seats. Our car is also optioned with the Air Balance package, including air ioniser and fragrance generator. This complete package really adds a further touch of class to the overall driving experience.

The S63 coupe oozes AMG lavishness, our car riding on 20-inch AMG forged alloy wheels, stopped by the AMG high performance composite braking system, AMG body kit and trim. Rounding it off, with the engine note playing through the AMG sports exhaust system.

Zero to 100km in just 4.2sec, 430kW 5.4 Litre Bi-Turbo V8, 900Nm of torque. Fuel consumption combined 10.2Litres/ 100km prices start from $350,000. 

Mercedes continue to establish themselves as marque of luxury in every aspect that demands that “second look” of those passing by.  The S63 AMG Coupe is every bit that.

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