29 February 2024

Suzuki S Cross JLX Hybrid 2WD

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Heading into 2024, I was both excited to a) get back into the office and b) back behind the wheel to deliver some car reviews. To me, it seemed like there was no better way to do the above than with the Suzuki S Cross JLX Hybrid.

Since its official launch in late 2023, I had been very keen to see how this mild hybrid really went - as the new S-Cross JLX Hybrid two-wheel-drive is stated to average 5.5 litres/100km compared to 6.6 for the outgoing S-Cross JLX.

I am very happy to report that it delivered on these claims. I certainly took it through its paces with an extended weekend drive to Cambridge and a few early morning crawls across the Harbour Bridge and it returned a surprising 5.5 litres / 100km. Great work Suzuki, great work indeed.

What’s the secret you might ask? Well it is a 1.4 Booster jet Turbo, 16 valve 4-cylinder direct injected engine that produces 95 kW at 5000rpm and 235 Nm of torque between 2,000 and 3,000 rpm, and it is this distribution of power that is noticeable in the lower rev range.

The mild Hybrid system consists of a 48V Integrated Starter Generator (ISG) that works alongside Suzuki’s proven 1.4 litre Boosterjet turbocharged internal combustion engine to help improve fuel efficiency. There is a 48-volt lithium-ion battery and 48-12-volt DC/DC converter with a greater supply of voltage than a conventional 12-volt battery.


Looking ready for the gym

Katuya Kotoda, who designed the S-Cross, sought to incorporate a high bonnet and rear deck with the aim of visually raising the car’s centre of gravity. This ultimately gives you the impression you are looking at a much larger vehicle than the S-Cross. This is a muscular looking car, you almost feel it’s about to mix up a protein shake and head off to the gym for a power lifting session. Add to this the solid statement it makes with its growling piano black front grille, front and rear under garnishes and wheel arch extensions.


It’s all in the specs

Higher standard specification as standard has made the S-Cross Hybrid an even more attractive proposition. The panoramic sunroof with electrically operated double sliding glass panels is a first for the S-Cross model in New Zealand, giving you the ability to bask in the available sunlight or stargaze at night. Also standard are heated front seats and LED lighting with auto levelling and light-sensing LED projector headlamps that turn on with night fall or when lighting is low. LED daytime running lamps keep the vehicle visible with low electrical usage.

A 9-inch infotainment screen displays all your digital connectivity needs, including fuel consumption, hybrid energy flow, onboard Sat Nav, Android Auto and wireless Apple CarPlay.


So how did it drive?

The vehicle set up was surprisingly responsive and felt very agile, even with the constant changing road conditions around New Zealand. There is no pothole anxiety present as the S-cross softly and comfortably navigates them. Simply put, this car is a joy to drive.


S-cross safety features

  • Dual Sensor Brake Support
  • Lane departure warning
  • Weaving alert
  • Adaptive cruise control
  • Blind spot monitor
  • Rear cross traffic alert
  • Reverse camera
  • Parking sensors front and rear.
  • 360-degree camera
  • 7 Airbags


What is Weaving alert?

Weaving alert monitors the vehicle’s driving pattern at speeds of over 60 km/h and alerts the driver with audio and visual warnings if the pattern is erratic or straying from its line, due to driver fatigue.



$42,990 RRP for the JLX Hybrid 2WD  

$45,990 for the JLX Hybrid AWD


Biggest Positive

Fuel Economy


Biggest Negative

Interior feels a little bland.

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