8 June 2015

Volvo XC90 2015 car review

Volvo's all new XC90, both Swedish designed and built, offers a controlled and stylish drive, and an array of high-spec additional features that will satisfy any driver.

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Volvo Xc90 Car Review
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The XC90 revealed

With pleasant music and inspiring video setting the mood, the highly polished, elegant but tough, XC90 was revealed.

The 'Hammer of Thor' LED running lights pierced the dimly-lit room. Fans of Avengers will know what I'm referring to.

I shut myself inside the Inscription model which is fitted with a Sensus Premium Bowers and Wilkins Sound System, and played the demo audio. It was impressive to say the least. So much so that, if you closed your eyes and allowed your mind to wander, you really could have believed that a helicopter was landing on the roof, or an airliner was flying low overhead.

Pouring over the car, I found myself pushing every button and testing the seats - all 7 of them. Such is the level of attention to detail, I even got caught up in checking out features like the storage pockets and the auto boot opening functions. 

Driving comfort

The comfort and driving ability is impressive. Even our car, with its 22 inch wheels, made bumps in the road seem insignificant. It certainly didn’t feel like we were piloting a large SUV. Road presence, handling and safety features ensure you reach your destination feeling in control, comfortable, and most definitely in style. 

Under the hood

A 2ltr, 4 cylinder engine powers all variants of the new XC90s in both diesel and petrol, and the same engine block is used for both engines. This is a big step for Volvo, as large SUV owners may traditionally prefer large engines to match. But the proof is in the pudding - the turbo and super-charged petrol engine takes off like a cut cat, and gives the impression that a much larger one is pedalling you along.

Tech specs

All the information and adjustments you could possibly need are available via the large, 12” touch tablet style display. Finally, a display that is easy to use, and provides adjustment of the seats and heater controls, and offers a myriad of other handy functions.

Volvo have set the XC90 on the new SPA chassis platform, which is a fully scalable platform that will underpin future Volvo models. SPA retains the same front axle-to-firewall dimensions, but allows full customising of every other chassis segment.

Pricing starts from $97,900 for the D5 Momentum, $110,900 for the T6 Inscription, and increases to $112,900 for the T6 R-Design. T8 Twin Engine Hybrid to come.

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