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Up to 43% of breakdowns we attend are battery related. If your car sounds like it's struggling to start, call AA Battery Service. We cover Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch most other areas. Don't DIY, we'll come to you.

Benefits of a new car battery

  • Latest technology means a high quality battery, built to last at a competitive price
  • New Zealand-wide warranty of up to 3 years
  • Our batteries are sealed & maintenance free
  • We can deliver, install and remove your old battery to be recycled

4WD battery benefits

  • Heavy duty batteries are tough and built to last
  • Fully sealed, maintenance free technology eliminates acid leakage
  • Expanded grid technology ensures consistent grid quality
  • Increased electrolyte volume prevents overheating
  • Hot melt glue over plates prevents vibration damage
  • Higher cold cranking amps provide greater starting power
  • Carry handle for easy installation and removal

Car battery types explained

There are many car battery types available and we’re often asked about types of car batteries, especially the different types to match different models of cars.

Calcium battery

Calcium batteries have been around since the late 1990’s, and are the most common battery fitted to new vehicles.

In a calcium battery, a small amount of calcium is added to the lead plates to increase durability of the battery. Our Calcium batteries also have silver added to the plates to increase the cranking power and overall efficiency.  Calcium batteries also have a longer shelf life, and are maintenance free (i.e. they don’t need to be topped up with water).


  • High cold cranking amps
  • Longer shelf and service life (compared to hybrid batteries)
  • Maintenance free

Note: Requires a calcium specific charger to restore to 100% state of charge. AA Battery Service stocks and supplies Smart Chargers which will charge Calcium, AGM and Gel Battery. Available through AA Roadservice and AA Battery Service.

Some older vehicles were originally fitted with a Hybrid battery, which has calcium positive plates (& antimony negative plates).  These batteries have a slightly lower charging voltage (0.3 to 0.4 volts), however if the charging system is in good working order, a calcium battery will operate in one of these vehicles with the same reliability.

  • High charge acceptance which is critical for modern battery management systems
  • Leak-proof and spill-proof
  • Excellent starting power, so you can rely on the engine starting – even at a low state of charge


  • Takes longer recharge after being run flat
  • Requires a calcium specific charger to restore to 100% state of charge

AGM battery

AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) batteries are becoming more popular with modern vehicles.  AGM’s are a high performance battery which are able endure the increased demands of modern vehicles.

At AA Battery Service, we’ve introduced the 3888 AGM battery into our range to provide support to a number of vehicles. Please be aware that AGM batteries are heavier than a wet battery for the same case size, so care must be taken when lifting and installing them.

Benefits of AGM batteries:

  • Higher durability and cycle life when compared to a calcium battery
  • High charge acceptance which is critical for modern battery management systems
  • Leak-proof and spill-proof
  • Excellent starting power, so you can rely on the engine starting – even at a low state of charge
  • Maintenance free

EFB battery

EFB (Enhanced Flooded Battery) technology is a much more recent development.  This battery is a flooded design, however it uses some design features of the AGM battery to deliver a design that is able to cycle deeper and accept higher charge rates (compared to an SLI), but at a lower price point than an AGM.  The EFB is commonly used in entry level SSV’s,(Stop Start Vehicle) where a more cost effective solution is required.

Spiral coil battery

A spiral coil battery is an AGM battery, but with a different construction. They're often found in high performance or off road vehicles that need extra torque for starting. These batteries are more resistant to excessive vibration, heat and higher charge rates. The spiral battery can have a shelf life up to 18 months without affecting starting ability.

Gel battery

Gelled batteries, or "gel cells" contain a jelly-like substance which is due to silica gel being added to the acid. The advantage of these batteries is that it is impossible to spill acid even if they are broken. The disadvantage is that they must be charged at a slower charge rate to prevent overheating. They cannot be fast charged on a conventional automotive charger or they may be permanently damaged. Gel batteries are often found in golf buggies, back up for house alarms and electric toys.

Stop-Start technology

Stop Start technology switches off a car's engine when the vehicle is stopped, for example while at a red light or in a traffic jam. This delivers between 5% and 10% lower emissions, and a similar improvement in fuel economy.

Stop-Start vehicles are fitted with either an EFB or AGM battery, as they are able to cope with the higher loads and constant cycling experienced in a Stop Start vehicle. It is important that the correct type of battery is installed in these vehicles to ensure the Stop-Start system operates correctly. Replacing one of these batteries with a calcium battery will result in the vehicle deactivating the Stop-Start system, and will also result in premature failure of the incorrect battery. Many major manufacturers now utilise Stop Start technology, including BMW (EfficientDynamics), VW (BlueMotion) and Mazda (SKYACTIV).

AA Battery Service is constantly expanding its range of AGM Stop-Start batteries to meet growing demand as this technology becomes more commonplace.

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