2017 Running cost report

Vehicle Running Cost Reports are compiled annually and available to buy.

There are three reports available - petrol vehicles, diesel vehicles and petrol hybrid and electric vehicles.  They provide valuable information that can be used by employers and employees to negotiate reimbursement rates,  calculate mileage rates to charge clients, compile IRD tax returns or for any other purpose relating to the cost of operating a vehicle.    


Using key data and statistics, this report can help identify:
  • Fuel and maintenance costs
  • Depreciation and vehicle holding costs
  • All-inclusive mileage rates
  • IRD approved taxation information

How to get the reports

  1. Call 0800 500 333 - select option 4
  2. Please have your credit card number ready.
  3. To receive your Member discount provide your AA Membership number

Price per report

AA Members
Buy TWO reports for $35 ($40 non-Member). Buy THREE reports for $45 ($50 non-Member). 

For a minimal outlay, this report provides the information necessary to negotiate fair vehicle reimbursement rates for all parties. Call 0800 500 333 – option 2 on weekdays during business hours to receive the report. 

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