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Compact Suzuki cars benefit from Clean Car Discount Programme

You may be thinking about buying a car, and with all the recent news around the Clean Car Discount, are wondering what vehicle option is right for you.

The Clean Car Discount is part of the Clean Car Programme, one of the Government’s initiatives to reduce climate change and CO2 emissions to net zero by 2050. Around 47% of CO2 emissions in New Zealand are produced by the transport sector, including privately owned cars, and it is this group that the Clean Car Programme is looking to influence.

The good news for those of us who love to drive compact cars, plus do our bit to reduce our carbon footprint is that the fuel emissions from vehicles for compact cars tend to be on the lower side.

Suzuki have been popular for their stylish and reliable compact cars in the New Zealand market for many years and have consistently featured in the top 10 line-up for sales of both new and used compact cars.

On April 1 2022, the second stage of the Clean Car Discount was introduced. Under the programme new car buyers will be able to purchase a low or zero emission vehicle and be able to claim a rebate or partial refund. With both the rise of fuel prices and the new Government’s Clean Car Discount programme, now looks like the perfect time to own a new compact car.

Suzuki have a wide range of new compact passenger cars and SUVs that are eligible for the Government’s Clean Car Discount programme. New car buyers can take advantage of the scheme that entitles them to a rebate of up to $3,160 on a low-emitting and fuel-efficient Suzuki.

Suzuki has been a pioneer in reducing the weight of their vehicles to improve fuel efficiency and reduce emissions. This has allowed Suzuki to have the lowest emissions across the top 10 brands in 2021 and for the last 15 years running.

Let’s take a look at what Suzuki compact models are eligible for the rebate:

Suzuki Swift - designed with maximum fuel efficiency in mind

Swift Hybrid REDO11

The Suzuki Swift GL Manual 5-door hatchback, 1.2 litre at $21,990 + ORC is eligible for a $2,593 rebate, equivalent to a rebate of 11.8 per cent.

The Swift GLX Hybrid with CVT automatic transmission, at $27,990 + ORC is entitled to a $3,160.52 rebate.

Suzuki Ignis – the super compact SUV

310 Gredo

The Suzuki Ignis GLX SUV manual 5-door, 1.2 litre for $21,990 benefits from a $2,490 rebate, while the auto model is entitled to a $2,129 rebate.

Suzuki Baleno – the cool and sophisticated everyday hatch


With the roomy Baleno range, buyers can expect to claim rebates of up to $1,871.

The current Suzuki suggested retail prices and eligible rebates as of 1 April 2022:

sukuzicleancar tableJPG

General Manager of Motor Vehicle Marketing for Suzuki New Zealand Gary Collins says, “We are pleased a good range of new Suzukis are becoming even more affordable under the Clean Car Discount programme. A total of 12 compact Suzuki cars and SUVs qualify for the rebate, covering the Swift, Ignis and Baleno ranges and none of our vehicles incur a penalty”.

The programme is designed to be self-funding through the penalties that will apply to higher emission vehicles. In between there are models that will be neutral with no incentive or penalty.

To be eligible for the new car rebates, all vehicles need to be registered for the first time between April 1 and December 31, 2022 and have a safety star rating of 3 stars or more on the Rightcar website.

It is important to note that the rebate is paid to the first person registered to the vehicle and the new owner claims the rebate through the Waka Kotahi Land Transport Agency website after completion of the sale. This means the selling dealer does not incorporate the discount into the sale price of the vehicle.

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