Owning a car can sometimes feel like a love-hate relationship. It gets you where you need to go, helps carry your gear and can allow you to experience fun drives down twisty backroads, but it can also lead to frustration.

Expensive maintenance is one thing but spilled drinks, door dings and parking on the wrong side of the petrol pump can be just as annoying. You can reduce the risk of these occurring by using our clever solutions to help take the pain out of everyday driving.

1) How to know which side your petrol flap is on

Often forget which side your petrol flap is located? Take a look at the fuel gauge on your dash and usually you’ll find a small arrow indicating which side the flap is on.

If not, a very small sticker or pen mark placed discretely near the gauge will suffice. 

2) How to clean your headlights

After many kilometres on the road, your car's polycarbonate headlights can get scuffed up or cloudy. It certainly doesn’t look good and can also reduce their performance.

Smear a little bit of toothpaste or light car polish on a clean rag and start scrubbing the headlights. Mild abrasives will remove a thin layer from the headlight housing and fill in any tiny scratches.

3) How to remove a bumper sticker

Whether it's for a good cause, your favourite band or a place you've visited, bumper stickers help make your car stand out. But if your tastes change or you decide you don't like the look, peeling off a sticker can leave unsightly residue.

The solution? Dampen a sheet of newspaper and lay it over the leftover sticker. After about 15 minutes the residue will soften up and be easy to wipe away.

You can use the side of a credit card to scrape off extra sticky leftovers, but do so gently so you don't scratch the paintwork. Avoid using products like paint thinners or turps which can damage the paint.  

4) How to stop little bumps from happening in your garage

Pool noodles come in handy for more than relaxing in the water. If your garage's parking space is a tad tight, they're a great way to prevent door dings. Affix them horizontally against the wall of your garage and when your doors swing open, they'll provide a soft bumper so you don't bang your doors on the wall.

5) How to organise your boot

Reusable grocery bags, changes of clothes for the gym, work supplies—the stuff of everyday life can pile up in your boot if you're not careful. Do yourself a favour and buy a few laundry baskets that fit the space.

Use each one to organise items that belong together – one basket for gym equipment, one for work and one for grocery shopping. It's a great way to organise your boot and keep everything exactly where it needs to be.

6) How to stop your windscreen from misting up

Used by ice hockey players and scuba divers for years, shaving foam can be your best friend if you’re trying to prevent glass or plastic from misting up.

A misty windscreen can be annoying and potentially dangerous, so it’s important to do what you can to stop it from happening.

Squirt some shaving foam on a cloth and cover the entire inside of your windscreen. Once completely covered, take a clean cloth and rub it all off. The shaving foam works as an invisible barrier so you shouldn’t have to keep toggling your air conditioning on every five minutes to maintain visibility.

There are many things you can do to make your motoring experience more enjoyable. With these tips you can save time, money and make your car cleaner all at the same time.

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