International Drive Electric Week – 10-18 September 2016

If you haven’t already seen an electric vehicle on New Zealand roads then you will soon as they become increasingly popular. From 10-18 September you’ll even be able to get some first-hand experience of what it’s actually like to drive an electric vehicle as events across the country take place, supporting International Drive Electric Week.

Back in 2011, the US introduced National Plug-In Day. On the same day across the country, simultaneous events were held to heighten awareness of the availability of plug-in vehicles and the benefits that come with them. It wasn’t long before popular demand saw these events expand to an entire week, which is now better known as International Drive Electric Week.

Last year New Zealand got involved with one or two events across the country, but this year there will be over 50 events where Kiwis can see, ride or drive an electric vehicle. You can even talk to heaps of owners at these events to find out what life is like with an electric car.

Owning an electric vehicle allows you to save on running costs, and they’re great for drivers who are environmentally conscious. New Zealand’s abundant renewable electricity means electric vehicle drivers in New Zealand create 80% fewer CO2 emissions than those driving cars powered by petrol or diesel. The cheapest and easiest way to charge is overnight at home, but charging stations are popping up throughout New Zealand at shopping malls, supermarkets, airports and even petrol stations. While the average daily travel by car in New Zealand is less than 29km – no problem for your typical pure electric vehicle as it has a 120km range on a single charge – it’s good to know that charging for vehicle owners is being made more accessible. There are plug-in hybrids for drivers who need more range every day, and those with bigger budgets can even opt for a top of the range pure electric vehicle that offers a range of around 350km.

So, if you’ve always been interested in electric vehicles, but you’ve never actually been brave enough to make the switch, going along to your nearest event may just sway you towards your final decision.

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