Petrol and diesel prices as at 14 November 2019

October was a quiet month with no observed changes to the headline price – although with so much regional variation it is difficult to monitor price changes. However, the national price moved for the first time in seven weeks, with petrol up 3 cents per litre (cpl), and diesel up 1cpl on 8 November. A week later, petrol rose another 2cpl but with no change in diesel prices, where the margin is 10cpl higher than petrol and there is in fact justification for retail diesel prices to fall. The price rise was driven by an increase in the commodity price for refined petrol, whereas in the past week the diesel commodity price has actually fallen – reflecting different global demand and supply pressures for the refined fuels, unconnected to crude oil (crude oil prices have barely moved).


Petrol and diesel prices as at 14 November 2019
  National fuel price
91 Octane 236.9
95 Octane 245.9
Diesel 162.9

Previous prices as at 20 September
  National fuel price
91 Octane 231.9
95 Octane 240.9
Diesel 161.9



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