“Richard” is a successful entrepreneur and father who has spent the last few years behind the wheel of a sensible SUV and longs for something with a bit more style and a touch of performance.

He’s worked hard and always made sensible decisions. But now he’s got some extra cash, Richard’s decided it’s about time he splashed cash on a sportier car.

We’ve picked a couple of interesting cars that could fit the bill and inject a bit of fun back into Richard’s life, while providing the practicality of a family sedan. If you’re in the market for something unique with a bit of kick, these V6 turbo rear-wheel-drive sedans might just tick a few of your boxes too.

The interesting Italian

First up, we’re going to have a look at the Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio, which has seemingly come out of nowhere. It’s based on the new ‘Giorgio’ platform which is shared by the newer models in Alfa’s line-up.

Powered by a V6 engine derived from the V8 in the Ferrari 488, the Giulia has a bit of attitude with 375kW of power and 600Nm of torque. The 90-degree V6 engine has the same bore and stroke as the 488, along with a turbo manifold designed to suit two less cylinders. It also features a fancy torque vectoring differential to deliver power to the rear wheels.

With an exhilarating 0 - 100kph in just 3.9 seconds, it seems Alfa Romeo has stirred up the competition in efforts to reclaim its former glory. It’s exhilarating to drive in but perhaps more suited for the track than New Zealand roads. That said, with its striking looks and bold design, the Giulia is a real head-turner that will give you all the attention you would expect from a Ferrari, but for a much lower price.

The South Korean surprise

The Koreans have been busy over the past eight years, producing the Kia Stinger, which is seen as their new halo car. The five-door sport back is their flagship performance vehicle, which has broken the mould for the Korean company.

The Stinger is the first modern-era vehicle built with a rear-wheel-drive platform for Kia. It is also the first vehicle to be powered by a twin-turbo charged V6 engine, which enables the Stinger to accelerate from 0 - 100kph in under 5 seconds.

The Stinger has five drive mode settings: Smart, Eco, Comfort, Sport and Custom. These settings adjust a raft of elements in the vehicle such as engine responsiveness, transmission changes, steering effort and suspension stiffness.

The Stinger also packs an impressive 3.3 litre engine which produces 272 kW at 6000rpm - plenty of juice to jet you up Baldwin Street with the kids in the back.

A sports car is great, but a vehicle which boasts reasonable practicality, as well as good looks and performance, is a huge advantage. Vehicles with this setup make for a sensational driving experience. While they’re not entirely dedicated to being practical, they offer fun, excitement and space for the whole family so if you’re in the same position as Richard they might fit the bill for you.

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