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Used Car Buying Guide: What do these AA windscreen stickers mean?

For many New Zealanders the AA is known mainly for its Roadservice network, but there’s so much more to the AA than just that.

The AA conducts a series of checks on used cars to give Kiwis peace of mind that the used car they’re interested in buying isn’t hiding any secrets.

If you’re buying a used import car, it is important to look for the key checks that will have been conducted by our experienced team at the AA, starting over 9,000km away in Japan.


Odometer verified? How do you know it’s true?


We conduct odometer inspections on second hand cars before they leave the overseas port with our partner Japan Export Vehicle Inspection Center (JEVIC), Japan's largest odometer certification company. When we're 100% satisfied, we give the car the AA/JEVIC Odometer Verified sticker of approval.

Always look for the AA and JEVIC Odometer Verified sticker, inside the front windscreen, along with the accompanying authorisation certificate – these are your assurance of an accurate odometer reading.

AA Safety Certified - what does this mean?

AA Safety Certified

When a vehicle is first imported into NZ, in order for it to be used on the road, it must pass an Entry Compliance inspection. This results in a Warrant of Fitness (WoF) being issued and the ability for the vehicle to be registered (an MR2A form will be issued). 

The inspection is more comprehensive than a general WoF and includes an in-depth look into the car’s manufacturing standards, structural components and braking systems. This is not a check of the vehicle’s overall condition - this is reserved for an AA Pre Purchase Inspection.

The "Safety Certified" sticker is only put on a fresh import car upon entry into the country.

Search for sellers of AA Appraised Used Vehicles

AA Appraised Used

An AA Appraised Used Vehicle sticker is attached to the car when it is ready to be sold on the NZ used car market.

This means that the car has received a 43-point mechanical check by the AA, which focuses on key mechanical and safety aspects of the car and gives an overall mechanical evaluation of the vehicle. This inspection is paid for by the dealer to give them an indication of the vehicle condition before offering it for sale on their yard.

Click here to find an AA Appraised dealership in your area.

One last check: For total peace of mind get an AA Pre Purchase Inspection

AA Inspected

When you buy a car, you may have a number of questions about its condition and safety that you can't answer yourself. Assume nothing, a vehicle inspection by our experienced team will help resolve any concerns so you can buy your car with complete confidence.

An AA Pre Purchase Inspection (PPI), consists of a comprehensive 100+ point vehicle check by an experienced mechanic (taking approximately 90 minutes), an overview of any recommended repairs, an indication of any potential WoF issues, and clarity around the overall condition of the car before you buy it.

To book an AA Pre Purchase Inspection, click here.

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