New Zealand’s used vehicle market has seen a lot of movement over the past couple of years. Despite being hampered by the impacts of the pandemic the market did make a recovery in 2021, up 20 per cent despite the devastating result in 2020. However, the industry still faces on-going challenges with the introduction of the new Clean Car Discount, with registrations last month down 38.8 per cent to 6,886 units, when compared with the 11,243 units in May 2021.

The new car market on the other hand is doing slightly better so far this year, with 10,575 new passenger vehicles registered in May, which was an increase of 5.9 per cent from 9,984 units in the same month of last year.

So, for those buyers who have been considering replacing their car this year and have a budget of under $20k, it is useful to learn that it is possible to find yourself a new vehicle, rather than used.

We often receive calls from Members who are looking to buy a used car worth up to $20,000, and many are surprised when we inform them there are actually a handful of new cars available within their budget. Besides obvious perks like that ‘new car smell’, buying a new car often comes with bonuses such as extended warranty programmes and reliability.

One new car worth a look at is the affordable new MG3. At the end of 2021 the AA had the opportunity to sample the MG3 Core and were impressed by the value for money this modern and stylish small hatch delivers. Click here to read what our experts had to say.

MG3 AKL 211

The MG3 currently holds the title of being New Zealand’s most attainable new car, priced from only $19,490 driveaway, no-more-to-pay. It is currently the number one when it comes to the country’s best value new car, followed closely by the Suzuki Swift GL manual ($21,990 + ORC) – coming in under the $20k mark once the Clean Car Discount is applied.

“MG Motor is a global brand representing great value, impressive design, high-quality manufacturing and vehicles which deliver a fun and engaging driving experience, loaded with practicality and fit-for-purpose features,” said the CEO of MG Motor Australia and New Zealand, Peter Ciao.

“Every vehicle for sale at MG Motor has Driveaway pricing, meaning the advertised price is the final price. Transparent pricing is fair and honest and means you know exactly how much a new MG costs, there are no added fees or on-road costs to pay.”

With Driveaway pricing the MG3 Core also includes 12-months registration, not something typically available when purchasing a used car.

But when shopping and trying to decide between buying a new MG3 or a used car, there is another important consideration to keep in mind, one which contributes to your overall peace of mind.

MG3 AKL 212

“One of the immediate benefits of buying a brand new car is that you are the first owner, you know exactly who has been driving your car and, importantly, how it has been driven,” said Mr Ciao.

“You, as the very first owner, have absolute surety knowing its full history, that no scheduled services have been missed or non-genuine parts used as part of any repairs.”

The option of the under $20k MG3 means owning a new car could be more of a reality for many of us.

Model Drive-Away Pricing

MG3 Core $19,490 Driveaway
MG3 Excite $21,490 Driveaway

At a glance






$19,490 Driveaway


Currently available

Power and Torque



Four-speed Automatic

Fuel economy/CO2

6.7L/100km, 159g/km

Towing capacity

200kg unbraked



Seating capacity


Luggage capacity/payload


If you need financing for your new car, check out AA Money’s great rates by applying online for your pre-approval.

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