How to take care of your car battery

A car battery is an object many don’t give a second thought – until the day you crank the key with disappointment.

We are only human, and there can be occasions when we accidentally drain our battery by leaving car lights on or playing audio systems while the car engine is off. Other less noticeable factors such as irregular use of your car and sudden seasonal changes in weather temperature can also have an effect on the health of your battery.

Check out these tips to take care of your battery and help extend its service life.

Feeling sluggish in the morning isn’t just for tired commuters on a work day. Your battery feels the cold, too. A chilly winter morning is when you’re most likely to be left stranded with a flat car battery.

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Lead Acid batteries (automotive batteries) lose charge over time particularly when not used for extended period. Here are few tips to avoid your car battery going flat when you can’t drive.

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Invented by French physicist Gaston Plante lead acid battery is one of the most highly recyclable product. 97% of lead acid battery can be recycled in most circumstances.

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Addressing the age long question of “how long should my battery last?” has not only confused vehicle owners and drivers, but some are still struggling to find consensus on the topic.

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From beach outings to vacations and cross-country road trips, you have a planned a summer full of fun - with your car playing a key role. Nothing stops a road trip faster than a dead car battery.

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Your car battery may look good on the outside, but what’s going on inside it can be a different story.  If you battery is feeling a sluggish start or you can see any visible wear, this can indicate you may need a new battery. We recommend having your battery checked and tested by a professional.

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Feeling flat?

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