Start-stop system

The start-stop system switches off a car's engine when the vehicle is stopped, for example while at a red light or in a traffic jam.

This technology delivers between 5 and 10% lower emissions and a similar improvement in fuel economy. This increased starting demand often requires an AGM battery. 

Start stop system

Introduction of the start-stop system

Pressure to reduce carbon monoxide emissions to comply with global regulations has led to the development of start-stop engine technology. 

Effect on the car's battery

Vehicles with start-stop technology require AGM batteries. Fitting another type of battery impairs the fuel saving technology, and reduces the serviceable life of the battery. 

What are AGM batteries?

AGM batteries have increased durability, higher performance and a longer life. The perfect solution for start-stop vehicles. Many major brands now offer start-stop vehicles including BMW EfficientDynamics, VW BlueMotion and Mazda SKYACTIV.

The benefits of AGM start-stop battery technology

  • Three to four times more cycling life in order to meet the demands of start-stop vehicles.
  • High charge acceptance which is critical for modern battery management systems.
  • 100% leak-proof and spill-proof.
  • Excellent starting power, so you can rely on the engine starting – even at a low state of charge.
  • Totally maintenance-free.

AA Battery Service is constantly expanding its range of AGM start-stop batteries to meet growing demand as more start-stop vehicles enter the market.