Temporary Export

When you head overseas, you can take your vehicle without having to pay duty or re-licensing it in another country.

It's by using a Carnet de Passage en Douane (Carnet) which is a document that works like a passport.

Email: carnet@aa.co.nz

Download Carnet application form

What happens when you export your car

Just like you, your car will go through standard customs procedures as it enters a country. When your car enters a country, the Carnet is stamped in. When you leave that country it must be stamped out. However, there won't be the costs incurred if you were to permanently import the vehicle.

A Carnet is available for private cars, motorhomes and motorbikes. It is arranged via affiliate motoring clubs (FIA and AIT) overseas and recognised as a legal document in most countries.

We can issue you with a Carnet for up to one year. In some countries, this time frame can be extended. We can guide you on how to apply for an extension. Your car must hold current vehicle registration in New Zealand no matter how long it is outside New Zealand.

Carnet bond

Carnets now incorporate indemnity insurance which eliminates the requirement to put up large indemnity/bond amounts.

You'll need to pay a small refundable bond which will be released back to you once the completed Carnet is sent back to us and discharged.

Pricing (plus admin fee)
$5000 - Refundable Bond
$395 - Carnet extension request (conditions apply)

Carnet administration fee
$945 AA Members
$995 Non Members
email: carnet@aa.co.nz 

While overseas

When you're overseas you pay for diesel 'at the pump' rather than purchasing via a mileage rate. You'll need to record these fuel purchases noting either the hubmeter or odometer reading in the export entry sheet at the front of the Carnet document.

Ensure you complete all readings and keep a copy of them when you return to New Zealand to eliminate problems when paying your Road User Charges.

Discharging the Carnet

When your car is returned to New Zealand, we'll complete this process. Your Carnet must show a discharge stamp at your last overseas port of call.

We can't discharge a Carnet without the appropriate Customs stamps. It’s imperative you always have the Carnet completed when you enter a country and when you leave. This allows us to cancel the Carnet and return the bond to you.

The Carnet holder must make sure that the Certificate of Location at the back of the Carnet document is filled out by New Zealand Customs and stamped on re-entry into New Zealand.