Keep Your Car Being Good to You

Make the most out of your vehicle, with AA Auto Centre's video tips

Tips to get the most out of your car

The more attention you show your car, the more you will get out of it and the better it will perform. So to help ensure that relationship runs smoothly and doesn’t hit any speed bumps, here are the top five ways to extend the life of your car.

Fuel saving tips

Fuel isn’t cheap and every time you start the car, the needle on that gauge is heading in one direction. But, just like you might turn off the lights in a room when you don’t need them to save electricity costs, there are ways of reducing the amount of energy your car uses to get you where you’re going.

Safety essentials to keep in your car

It doesn’t matter if you mainly use your vehicle to zip around the city or if you take it out for long journeys. Either way, there are several, handy, low cost items that can be kept in your glove compartment or storage space that will assist you in case of an emergency.