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AA Bronze Service

20-point service
  1. Drain engine oil and replace
  2. Replace engine oil and filter
  3. Check/test condition and fill brake fluid level
  4. Check/test condition and fill clutch fluid level
  5. Check/test antifreeze condition and fill radiator coolant level
  6. Visual check of cooling system including radiator cap and hoses
  7. Visual check and top up power steering fluid
  8. Check battery security and top up battery (non-sealed units only)
  9. Test battery condition, check connections and terminals
  10. Check and top up gearbox/auto transmission fluid level
  11. Check and top up differential fluid
  12. Visual check of air filter
  13. Check tyre condition and tread depth (incl. spare wheel if accessible)
  14. Check and adjust tyre pressures (incl. spare wheel if accessible)
  15. Top up windscreen washer fluid, test window washer system operation and spray pattern
  16. Check and assess all wiper blades for performance
  17. Check windscreen for damage and clean
  18. Check and test the side, indicator, brake, number plate and reverse lights
  19. Tyre detailing/polish
  20. Reset service light/interval where applicable (subject to data and tooling availability)
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AA Silver Service

30-point service includes
AA Bronze Service plus the following:
  1. Check condition and tension of auxiliary drive belts (excludes cambelt)
  2. Visual search for date of cambelt replacement (if applicable)
  3. Visual check spark plug condition and advise (based on direct access to plugs)
  4. Check bonnet latch and catch for corrosion and safe operation
  5. Lubricate door hinges
  6. Dust dashboard
  7. Vacuum interior cabin
  8. Deodorise interior cabin
  9. Test horn operation
  10. Road test vehicle up to 50km/hr
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AA Gold Service

40-point service includes
AA Silver and Bronze Services plus the following:
  1. Carry out engine management system scan
  2. Check cabin/pollen filter
  3. Check seatbelt condition and operation
  4. Check electrical charging system
  5. Visual check high tension leads and component condition (N/A for diesel)
  6. Visual check fuel filter (if fitted and external from fuel tank)
  7. Check and adjust headlights, if required
  8. Inspection of exhaust system including mountings for security, leaks and noise
  9. Visual inspection steering rack
  10. Visual inspection CV boots
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AA Platinum Service

50-point service includes
AA Gold, Silver and Bronze Services plus the following:
  1. Check steering components for wear and corrosion
  2. Visual check suspension condition incl. mounting, leaks, wear and corrosion
  3. Visual check engine/transmission mounts
  4. Visual inspection of brake pads and discs for wear or damage (wheels off inspection)
  5. Visual inspection of brake linings/wheel cylinders/drums for wear or damage (wheels off inspection)
  6. Check wheel bearings for excessive play or noise
  7. Check park brake and adjust where applicable and required
  8. Rotate tyres (if required)
  9. Check air conditioning system/temperature
  10. Visual check turbo oil feed pipes for leaks (if applicable)
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