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AA Bronze Service™

AA Member Price from $239 | Non-Member from $259
26-point service:
  1. Replace engine oil and filter
  2. Check/test condition of brake and clutch fluid and top-up (where applicable)
  3. Check/test coolant/anti-freeze condition and top-up (where applicable)
  4. Visual check of cooling system including radiator, radiator cap, and hoses
  5. Visual check and top-up power steering fluid (Where required)
  6. Test 12V battery condition, check connections and security
  7. Test alternator charging rate
  8. Visual inspection of air filter (where applicable)
  9. Check condition and tension of auxiliary drive belts where accessible (excluding cambelt)
  10. Inspect transmission or gearbox fluid condition and level. Top up where required (where applicable)
  11. Inspect and top-up differential fluid level (where applicable)
  12. Inspect tyre condition, tread depth and adjust tyre pressures (including spare if accessible)
  13. Tyre detailing/polish
  14. Top-up windscreen washer fluid, test window washer, operation and spray pattern (including wiper blade condition) 
  15. Check and clean windscreen
  16. Inspect and test headlights, main beam, indicator, brake, tail, number plate, reverse and driving/fog light operations
  17. Reset service light/service interval where applicable (subject to tooling compatibility) 
  18. Test horn operation
  19. Inspection of exhaust system including mountings for security, leaks and noise
  20. Visual inspection of steering rack (where visible)
  21. Visual inspection of CV boots and driveshafts (where applicable)
  22. Visual search for date of cambelt replacement (where applicable)
  23. Visual inspection for engine oil leaks
  24. Visual inspection of steering and suspension component condition including mounting, leaks, wear, damage and corrosion
  25. Visual inspection of brake pads and discs (wheel-on inspection, and where visible)
  26. Road test vehicle up to 50km/h (excluded on the AA Bronze Service™ in Auckland)
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AA Silver Service™

AA Member Price from $269| Non-Member from $299
32-point service includes
AA Bronze Service plus the following:
  1. Visual check spark plug condition (based on direct access to plugs - excludes Diesel vehicles)
  2. Visual check engine/transmission mounts (where visible)
  3. Check seatbelt condition and operation
  4. Vacuum cabin (excluding boot) OR exterior wash (at selected sites)
  5. Deodorise cabin and dust dashboard
  6. Check wheel bearings for excessive play
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AA Gold Service™

AA Member Price from $329 | Non-Member from $369
40-point service includes
AA Silver and Bronze Services plus the following:
  1. Visual inspection of brake pads & shoes, discs & drums for wear or damage (wheels-off inspection)
  2. Check park brake and adjust (where applicable and if required)
  3. Rotate tyres (if required)
  4. Check air conditioning system operation/temperature
  5. Check cabin/pollen filter (where applicable and have direct access)
  6. Visual check of turbocharger oil feedpipe
  7. Inspect bonnet latch and catch for corrosion and safe operation. Lubricate where required.
  8. Engine Management System scan
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