Become a Defensive Driving Course tutor

Teach drivers of all ages how to be safe and confident on the road. Help new drivers become aware of road risks at the beginning of their journey. Help experienced drivers improve their driving skills.

Who is this for?

Delivering the Defensive Driving Course is for driving instructors who excel at classroom instruction and are committed to improving driving awareness through education.

The completion of this course enables drivers to be more aware of risks and be able to sit their full licence test 6 months earlier.

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What does an AA Defensive Driving Tutor do?

The AA Defensive Driving tutor delivers the Defensive Driving Course to students. The course consists of:

  • Four sessions of two hours each (8 hours in total)
  • Delivered twice a week for two weeks
  • Enrolment is 6 to 20 students in each course
  • One hour in car session to be done (this part of the course needs to be done by an instructor with an I-Endorsement)


How to become a Defensive Driving tutor with AA

All driving instructors who wish to deliver the Defensive Driving Course need to complete the DDC Provider Course.

The course includes two days of training, one day for techniques to deliver the classroom component and the second day for delivering the practical driving component.

After successfully completing the course, you will be able to apply to become an official AA Defensive Driving Tutor.

You can choose to become a provider of the classroom component, the driving component or both. Please note that the driving component can only be delivered by an instructor with the I-Endorsement.

Complete our online enquiry form to express your interest in becoming a Defensive Driving tutor with AA.


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