The I-endorsement course

The driving instructor (I) endorsement course allows drivers to become official New Zealand driving instructors and earn an income from teaching others to drive.

Who is this for?

The I-endorsement course is the official NZTA accredited course that all drivers need to complete before applying to become driving instructors in New Zealand.

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The benefits of getting the I-endorsement

The I-endorsement is added to your driving licence and  allows you to earn an income by working as an instructor and teaching other people to drive.

The I-endorsement on your driver licence allows you to apply to become an AA Driving Instructor and work as a licensee in the AA Driving School network in New Zealand.

Become an AA Driving School Licensee


What is included in the I-endorsement course?

The course will give you an in-depth knowledge of New Zealand’s driver licencing system, the driver training industry and road rules.

Course content:

  • Driving assessment before course begins
  • Reading material before course begins
  • In-class theory-based training and assessment
  • In-vehicle coaching techniques
  • Appraisals of tuition and assessment skills

Enrolling in the I-endorsement course

The I-endorsement course at AA can be completed in Auckland (Mt Roskill) and Wellington (Porirua).The enrolment requirements are;

  • A full New Zealand licence for at least two years
  • A driving assessment in a manual vehicle with an AA approved tutor (a separate $100 fee applies).

The course fees for the I-endorsement course are $5,499 (including GST). The fees must be paid before the cut off date for the course that you will attend. The course fees include:

  • Pre-course reading material
  • Tuition
  • Training materials
  • Road codes
  • Theory test papers
  • Mirror and backing board

Getting the I-endorsement added on your licence

After successfully completing the I-endorsement course you will be able to apply to have the I-endorsement added to your licence through NZTA. This application is a separate process and cost from the course.

You will also need to pass a Fit and Proper assessment by NZ Police. If you have concerns about this please contact NZTA before enrolling in the course.

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I-endorsement course dates and times

Auckland (Mt Roskill) two week I-endorsement course

MonthDatesTimePre-course driving assessment completed byFull course fee due by
July 2022 25 July - 5 August 7.30am-4pm 13 June 2022 17 June 2022
November 2022 31 October - 11 November 7.30am-4pm 19 September 2022 23 September 2022
February 2023 13 - 24 February 7.30am-4pm 28 December 2022 30 December 2022
May 2023 1 - 12 May 7.30am-4pm 20 March 2022 24 March 2023

Wellington (Paraparaumu) two week I-endorsement course

MonthDatesTimePre-course driving assessment completed byFull course fee due by
September 2022 19 - 30 September 7.30am-4pm 8 Aug 2022 12 Aug 2022
May 2023 15 - 26 May 7.30am-4pm 3 April 2023 7 April 2023
June 2023 12 - 23 June 7.30am-4pm 1 May 2023 5 May 2023

Christchurch two week I-endorsement course

MonthDatesTimePre-course driving assessment completed byFull course fee due by
February 2023 27 February - 10 March 7.30am-4pm 16 January 2023 20 January 2023

PLEASE NOTE: Enrollment close-off dates are strict as there is a minimum of 4 weeks required to complete the pre-coursework.

Course cancellation

Please be advised that there are changes to the refund rules in the event of cancelling your place on the I-Endorsement course.

The tables below set out the refund rules in the event of cancellation: 

Cancellation date Refund
Two weeks before cut-off date Full refund
One week before cut-off date 50% refund


Cancellations - after course cut-off date 
Course Type Cancellation Fee
All courses Non refundable


Changes - Transfer of course three weeks before cut-off date 
Course Type Administration Fee 
2 Week Course $200.00




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