Senior Driver Coaching Session

As of 5 April 2022 in line with the Government's recent Protection Framework changes, students will no longer be required to present a vaccine pass or scan a QR Code for contact tracing.

Strict sanitation measures will remain in place and face masks should be worn at all times

Improve and maintain your driving skills with a qualified AA Instructor using your own car. The AA Driver's Seat Senior Driver Coaching Session focuses of aspects that you as an experienced driver want covered. Regain your confidence on the road and refresh your driving skills.

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Who is this Coaching Session for?

Senior Driver Coaching Sessions are designed for drivers on their full licence who are aged 65 years and over.

The coaching session can focus on whatever the individual driver may require. From self-awareness and safety checks to discussing strategies to manage slower reflexes and exploring the usefulness of new in car technology.

AA Driver’s Seat Senior Driver Coaching Sessions are designed to help keep you confident behind  the wheel and stay safe on the road the AA way.


What is included in the Coaching Session?

This one hour session with a qualified AA Driving Instructor is comprised of three parts:

Briefing (10 min)

During the briefing the Instructor will cover your driving history, areas you want to improve and a check that your vehicle is licensed & roadworthy.

Coaching (40 min)

The Coaching Session is conducted in the drivers own vehicle and your Instructor will tailor the coaching to meet individual driver needs.

Debrief (10 min)

Your session concludes with open ended, driver centred feedback with discussion on highlights, areas to work on and forward planning future coaching sessions.

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