AA Senior Driver

The AA has made the decision to suspend the Senior Driver programme.

Unfortunately we will not be taking new enrollments.

Recent events have led to change in many areas of our everyday lives and it is certainly no different at the Automobile Association. Due to the effects of Covid19 we are suspending the AA Senior Driver programme so we can review its effectiveness and the overall budget available for its resumption. Our intention at this time is to still offer the Senior Driver programme for eligible AA Members, and over the months ahead we will be looking at its likely shape.

You are still able to book a paid Refresher Driving Lesson or On-Road Safety Test Practice and receive premium driving instruction through our network of AA Driving Instructors.

We understand that this will be a disappointment for some Members, but the Senior Driver programme is only one of the in-car training options we provide and you can still book paid training directly with an AA Driving School Instructor, via the AA Website or by calling 0800 223 748.